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Smart Football

Smart Football is a game for two players, who move the pieces in their ‘team’ about the board.

Basic specification:

Number of players: 2

Duration of game: decided by players (e.g. 2x15 min. or best of three goals)

Suitable for ages: 8 years

Publisher: Bronda Games s.r.o., Czech Republic

First edition: 2012

Languages: Czech, English, German

Box contains: Rules, playing board, 2x11 pieces, ball, stickers.


Download the instruction format .pdf 


The playing area is a stylized version of a real football pitch, with a central circle, goal areas and goals. The field consists of a grid like a chess-board, 30 squares long and 19 squares wide. The goals are 9 squares wide and the goal area is 13 x 5 squares.

The ball may be placed either on an empty square (loose ball), or on the head of the player who is in possession.

As in football, each team has a different colour and is made up of eleven players. The goalkeeper is marked ‘1’, while the other pieces are numbered 2 to 11. Importantly, we can also see at a glance which way each piece is facing.

The goalkeeper may move freely around the goal area. This piece has arm-like projections indicating that it can protect three squares at once – the one it is on and the two adjacent ones.

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